Reiki Tasters

Free Reiki Tasters at Ealing’s: ‘As Nature Intended’ Health Store

460923_519784128069772_807459105_oWhat is reiki? It’s one thing to define it as the universal life  energy; or to tell you how it’s done; or to say that it was discovered by a Buddhist monk in Japan; but all of that doesn’t tell you what reiki is on a personal level.

My experience is that people need to feel the energy of reiki for themselves, to ‘know’ what it is. When people ‘know’ reiki, more often than not, they have a treatment, others go on to learn it and are able to share healing with those close to them.

Knowing this I like to offer free tasters and have been doing so on a regular basis at the local health food store: As Nature Intended. If you would like to experience reiki and ‘know’ it for yourself, I am offering free tasters (5 – 10 minutes). Come and meet me in the Ealing Green store at: As Nature Intended,  17 – 21 High St, Ealing on Friday 19th of December from 3pm to 5pm. I look forward to meeting you……….


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