My Background with Reiki

I was introduced to reiki whilst travelling in Australia over 25 years ago and was initiated for both the basic and advanced methods (levels 1 & 2) by Denise Crundall.

Denise was a strong advocate and master practitioner of reiki and operated a healing center in Melbourne. The center was run by volunteers and worked closely with the local hospital. There was a focus towards helping those with HIV aids, but all were welcome for treatment. This introduction and initiation to reiki had a profound impact on me.

When I left Australia I knew I had lots of troubles to resolve and returning home to England was going to force me to face them. At that time, I was yet to reach my rock bottom with alcoholism. But as I sat on the aircraft leaving behind a land of adventure and travels, I was comforted by the gift I now have in my hands: it is part of me. A source of healing and peace, a place of safety within myself. I felt a calm sense of courage and slept most of the 24 hours return flight.

I continued to drink for another year and a half, when in January ’97, I had a moment of clarity and for the first time realised drink was the problem – not the solution, as I had always believed. With this ‘awakening’, I knew my days of drinking had to stop and I asked for help. I believe the daily self-treatments of reiki were instrumental in my change of perspective. Since that night, I have not had to return to alcohol.

Today I lead a sober life, which feels like a new life, vastly different from my old ways and I still continue to use reiki for daily self-treatments. Over the years I’ve worked in education, but I always had the idea that I’d like to practice reiki for a living. A few years ago, the ideal opportunity arose when I was made redundant from the local college at which I had been working; I knew this was the chance to follow my dream and set up a private practice.

Treating people with reiki is a real privilege: it’s great to see people feel the benefits and make changes happen in their lives; but I soon realised that I could be of much more help. If I could initiate people with reiki, they could then use self-treatment, rather than depending upon my continuing help. I needed to become trained as a reiki teacher or ‘master’.

When I considered becoming a reiki master, my first thought was of Denise Crundall; sadly, she had passed away some six years earlier. I didn’t know anyone, who I was drawn to at that time, but I guessed if I were meant to become a reiki master, I’d meet the right person.

Through joining a new ‘reiki share’ group, I met Olga Sampson. Olga had recovered from chronic fatigue using reiki, after suffering years of illness. Through this meeting, I was to find my new reiki master: Anneli Twan, who initiated me as a master in October 2014 on Vancouver Island, Canada.

I continue to practice reiki for clients who have had a range of conditions that include: cancer, arthritis, pain, chronic fatigue, mental and emotional dis-ease. It is also my pleasure to pass on this gift, through initiation, passing on a tradition that is Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho.

Details of my Lineage can be found here