Join a Reiki Share

One of the many benefits of learning reiki, is becoming part of a community in which you can meet with like minded people: all enthusiastic about reiki natural healing. Life can become ‘unstuck’ and changes start to happen, life can become an adventure again, with plenty of support along the way.

One of the regular activities is the reiki share; usually hosted by a reiki master with their students. A gathering of reiki people, coming together to share reiki, typically groups of 3-5 people work on each other in turn. Because of the number of persons the treatment is around 20 minutes, but there are many pairs of reiki hands, so the healing can be very powerful. Alongside the activity of giving treatments there is a healthy social aspect, which makes for a light hearted atmosphere, fertile ground for friendships to develop.

Apart from your master’s reiki share The Reiki Association and similar organisations provide listings of shares, taking place categorised by area. Effectively opening up a whole new network of healing and friendships.